Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Melbourne Saturday

Just this weekend gone, my partner and I went to Melbourne for the weekend, my main reason for planning the visit was to see a dear friend, Chelsea perform the lead female role in "The King & I", we saw that on Sunday night... she was fantastic!

I recently did a painting of beautiful Chelsea for her website : 

So.... on Saturday, we went along to some very cool markets "Rose Street Art Markets" actually.  I bought a new dress that a clever lady there makes. 

Me at the Funky cafe area at the market for lunch.

pumpkin, coriander & coconut soup, mmmm!

new bracelet made from an old silver fork!! the other side is pretty with flower designs, and a new ring, that red one there with a flower in it, I happen to love daisy flowers... actually they're all over my dress too!!  It's quite strange seeing my hand like that... I have big stick out veins just like my Dad's hands.

I took some pics of the street art.. I'll have to post that separately, maybe tomorrow as I really need to get back to painting now,

Denise xo

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  1. sounds like you had a great mini-break. your hands are gorgeous, i love your nails, colour?
    hands tell their own story. i've just started thinking my hands are looking more like my mum's. hee hee
    splash on the paint...

  2. Hi Dana

    it's a deep red one by the Boujois?? brand, dries fast, and has an excellent wide brush for one swipe application haha, but I still managed to dent and carve it up... note to self.... DO NOT apply fresh nail polish 15 mins before leaving and lugging suitcases and scarf and coat!! doh!!

    yes... a mini break... that's a perfect description