Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heron on the bridge

"Heron ... the bridge"

This gorgeous creature was sitting casually on the bridge when my partner and I took a walk this afternoon... and he stayed right there and let me take a photo... only about 1 metre away!  Wow, I admire these graceful feathered ones, and of course as one does these days ...

I googled meanings of 'grey heron' and found a bunch of things...  going with the flow... patience... and grace were are few things

I found a fabulously informative blog here : Symbolism of the Heron or Egret

"Most Native American tribes took note of the heron’s inquisitiveness, curiosity and determination.  As such this set the heron as a symbol of wisdom in that this creature seemed to have good judgement skills."

I was doing some thinking over these last two days as my head has been pounding with yet another head ache!  and I decided to take some time to check in and ask myself some questions in relation to it (as was a wise suggestion I read in Christiane Northrup's book just this morning!!!)  "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"  so... I've realised I can't be giving from an empty cup... so it's time for lots of tea (haha, I already do quite a lot of that)... and tender loving care of myself... and taking time to play!   There's probably a bit more to it... but enough said for this tired artist for now...

on that note... I better get to bed... a good night's sleep is marvellous for repairing cells and things!  

Denise xo


  1. My dad has a blue heron that comes up to his window every day to be fed. He's injured -- has an unusable leg, so he hops over. My dad buys cans of sardines at the store and puts one down by the river on the seawall for "Harry" the heron every day. This is in Cocoa Beach, Florida. "Woody" the wood stork comes by, but he doesn't feed him because he's not injured. Isn't it interesting when you think about the animals in your back yard are also on the other side of the world?

  2. Tricia.lemontreeJuly 22, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    I too notice our sweet feathered messengers as I walk on by... a few this week have had injured legs...as our fellow wo-men all are to be considered because within there is a beating heart. And that they all have a reason....

    Cocoa Beach, Florida. Suzanne, Ha ha, sounds like a groooovy place with a name like that... Tricia in Burleigh Heads, Queensland x