Monday, June 20, 2011

A little bit of Cypress Sun in my day

I was delighted to receive my little parcel in the mail today....

I have been looking over at for months now...

ever since I saw some of Amy's beautiful work and got to know her a little via an online course we both took... 'Flying Lessons' with Kelly Rae Roberts .. 

my self gift... is a pair of Forest Green drop earrings... not very well shown here,
but I wanted to remember the delightful packaging and sentiment that came all the way from San Marcos today.

Thank you Amy

love Denise xo

ps. you'll love her blog... the photo's are delicious, and the temptation to spoil yourself with one of her gorgeous creations is very likely too.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday...changing things about

Sometimes I've heard it's better to 'leave well enough alone' ... well I didn't take that advice, and have gone ahead and changed my header on the blog...

I wanted to make a distinction between the new blog I've made as part of my new website... it can be more about the artwork and things... but I wanted a place to just be quiet... or say whatevertheheck I like.

fragmented human being that I am... compartmentalising things sometimes helps... being someone who lives far too much in her head... over thinking ... is it any wonder I have 'header trouble' ... and being a perfectionist is annoys me greatly that the darn header is narrower than the body of this blog.

Yep... BIG deal ... it's not I know....I'm just blurting... because I've given myself permission to do that!

I used to move all the furniture around in my rental house years ago... to make it feel better... I wonder if it works for blogs too.

love Denise xo