Thursday, July 22, 2010

OH Wow! Feminine Power Course

I have just listened in live to the introduction to this course... and have signed up!

Femine Power Tele Course

This is what was covered in the call :

The Keys to Awakening Power Base #1:
  • Why most popular approaches to transforming core beliefs don't work for women, and the brand new, leading edge process that really does
  • Liberate yourself and others from the tyranny of old disempowering patterns, graduating forever from the dynamics of the past
  • How to have a generative, empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions, and why you absolutely must know how to do this in order to realize your greater potentials
The Keys to Awakening Power Base #2:
  • Experience the joy of being radically alive and dynamically engaged in the co-creative process of life
  • Master the ability to discern your inner guidance such that you begin navigating life from an assured sense that you are on your "destiny path"
  • Learn how to access the unlimited support and resources of All of Creation to cause the full flourishing of life everywhere you go
The Keys to Awakening Power Base #3:
  • Learn why we cannot be become ourselves by ourselves, and how to create evolutionary partnerships that will unleash the full realization of your unique gifts and contributions
  • How to harness the power of the collective field to cause unprecedented transformations in our lives and in our world
  • How to become a powerful agent of change and consciously join with others to co-create the future of our world

it begins August 11th, a couple of weeks from my birthday.. so I decided the course would make the perfect birthday gift to myself.

It's interesting to note, even though I am living my dream life, and doing what I love, still I find myself wanting to be and do so so so much more, and just not grasping exactly how to do this.  So it's at times like this, when something calls to me to give it a go... I am much more inclined to listen to those whispers than many years ago... I see this as huge progress in itself.  

I may come and add more to this post.. must get back to painting at the moment,

Denise xo

p.s. I'd love to hear if you've decided to do this course too xx

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  1. super interesting and just what i needed to read! this is so inspiring! thank you!

    best wishes,