Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mixed media for the first time!

Hey... today was fun... I had a wonderful friend come over with her two daughters, to hang out with one of my daughters and me... and we made our first mixed media paintings/collages, inspired by the fabulous book by Kelly Rae Roberts... see in the side bar.

Mine is the black & white one ...

and that's me right there...

I actually painted my lady on a separate piece of canvas because I had already glued down the 'flocked' paper and I didn't want her face to be all bumpy!  Yes.. the words 'control freak' often come to mind.

I happen to love all things Parisian, and black & white... and have an absolute love of chandeliers ... Alex found this one as we were working today and gave it to me which makes is even more special... the handbag comes from a birthday card from my dearest special friend in New Zealand... (we've been friends since we were 12,) and the dress is a piece of fabric that already had the black & white design on it.
I'm not sure if it's finished... but I might leave it for a little while.

Alexandria's creation looks all soft and 'vintage' I love it!

I noticed later on... the younger girls were much freer with using paints over the top and layering... Alex & I might play with that technique next time around... 

by Billie

By Ellie

By Billie

By Katherine
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For a spontaneous school holiday activity it was fantastic... we all enjoyed ourselves... and ended the day with a bunch of new artwork ... and watched 'New Moon'.... I'm looking forward to seeing 'Eclipse' very soon.

team Edward btw haha.

love Denise xo


  1. how gorgeously fun.
    excellent school holiday idea....mmm
    dd,yours is really cute, love the glittery sparkles, little Eiffel tower and the face....ah what a face...
    a true "escape"... well done girls

  2. Denise, wow oh wow! First of all, miracle of miracles, your blog is letting me comment today! WOHOO!

    Secondly, I am in love with your Parisian inspired woman. Did I not mention that I adore chandeliers too? My daughter's always saying she's gonna buy me one someday. :)

    Love your stuff, you've inspired me now to get my daughter back onto the collage thing, we got into it together for a while there but have to get our supplies back out and happening! x

  3. You guys did a beautiful job! Isn't mixed media so much fun?! It's always great to try a new media. In case you are interested, I just tried portait painting with watercolors. I wrote about it on my blog at
    I also really enjoy your yoga lady. She is georgeous!

  4. Seems like you had a really good fun day. I love your black & white collage. xm

  5. Love it! Now that looks like so much fun getting together with other creative girls and playing! Everyone made some beautiful pieces!! :)


  6. What a fab way to spend the day! I love the black and white - gorgeous!

  7. What a fabulous idea!!! I love how you showed us the steps you took and the end results. Your Parisian lady is just lovely!! The girls art is so loose and fun. It warms my heart to see kids art. They inspire us in such simple and pure ways. Well done momma. :D thanks for sharing....

  8. What fun! I love how you showed your process. Your Parisian lady came out lovely!! How sweet to see the girls art. I am always inspired when I see kids art because it's simple and pure. Just love it all! thanks for sharing...

  9. Hi there Michele thank you xo

    and dear Valerie... I'm not sure what happened by variations of your comment came through to my end 12 times... so perhaps there were times you thought, darn, it didn't work, and you re-sent it... well BRAVO and 5 stars for PERSISTENCE!!! oomg..... it was amazing to see potentially 14 comments arrive in one morning, hahahaa..

    you warmed my heart,

    xox Denise

  10. what a lovely way to have "girlfriend" time and "mother/daughter" time all wrapped up in one! And I love the story details behind your piece-very pretty!

  11. Okay Denise-- You must know I am a pretty funny person by now, and obviously a have fallen into "ditzy" category too! LOL!
    I was so determined to post to you yesterday, that I sat here for 1 1/2 hours trying over and over again to post. It never showed up on my end as going through. It just kept dropping the post. I finally gave up and thought I'd check back today. Well I too, am laughing and am glad you can feel the love-- 14 X more than normal!
    I am sending this once and hoping you receive it ha!
    hugs from LA...Valerie

  12. this is so inspiring! thank you so much for sharing!

    best wishes,