Saturday, July 10, 2010

from little things, big things grow

'Lyn's Family Tree'
(c) Denise Daffara 2010

It's Saturday night, our home is very quiet,  I've just been working on this painting above, and listened to a podcast about the 'Pachu Mama Alliance' and the importance of the Amazon rain forest, very humbling  ... it's a special painting done for my daughters tutor and been a couple of years in the fruition.  It's inspired by my 'Tree of Wisdom" painting, I can see I would like to play in these branches for a while longer and daydream about painting many more tree's, spirals delight me.

I had a wonderful visit from a dear friend yesterday and she had a 'sleepover' at our home, we enjoyed a delicious meal, omg, even if I do say so myself... have a look at that!!!

It's "Spicy beans with Baked Sweet Potato" and since my coriander is a baby plant in a pot thats Italian parsley pretending to be coriander, with sour cream and cheese sprinkled lovingly on top.  Mmmmmm, I'm one of those boring cooks who does the same dishes almost every week/fortnight, and so I am so excited to have found a new thing I can make that's super yummy and easy.

This was followed by a lemon meringue pie... but I won't speak much about that except to say I will definitely use a different recipe next time. 

Having my friend over was such fun, we stayed up late laughing and sharing til late and solved many of our own inner worlds problems... 'de-briefing' is so helpful for women I find.  

I have to stay up late and go and pick up my youngest daughter and her friends from an under 17 dance party at midnight... so it's going to be a loooong night.

good night,

Denise xo

p.s.  I am very grateful and relieved to say... when I rang the Dr's a few days after my mammogram, and held my breath while the receptionist looked up my file and came back to tell me "no further action required".  


  1. Man, that looks yummy. That's my kind of food.

    My son is 15 and he seems to have a better social life than me. We picked him up last night from a party too. Only it's summer here, and his party was swimming in the pool, jumping on the trampoline.

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    yes! my girls have a wayyyy better social life than me most of the time, lucky we have our art!!!


  3. oH I aDorE youR TreeS.
    TheY hAve SucH gR8 enErgY.
    I aM A trEe paiNtinG FreaK.

    GlaD 2 Hear All yOuR GirLs arE WelL

  4. NigHt NiGht, Ms dAna sPaRKle,

    You'Re a FUn LovELy OnE xoxo

  5. I adore that painting!! I love the tree and the reading girl underneath - beautiful. And YUM! to your food!!

  6. Hi Denise, I found your link on the FB Flying Group page. I love your artwork! And the food looks delicious. I'll be visiting your blog often. You are very talented!

  7. Hiya Michele & Carrie,

    lovely to have you visit,

    Denise xx

  8. great painting! i love spirals in trees too!