Monday, August 2, 2010

Quiet Times, Winter, Going Within, and Cakes!

Seriously... this winter has been all about cakes and tea and self nurturing and going within... it can be so disappointing and disquieting to have such few painting sales, it's a 'sign of the times' but still I feel I want to paint.  So I'm working on a series of yoga/meditative poses, with a strong vibrant tree in the background, these paintings are feeding my soul which is far more important than the bank balance.  I realise I live an extremely fortunate life, I cannot complain of lack, and besides I prefer to remain optimistic and know 'this too will pass'.

petite lime meringue tart at Montville patisserie

Moroccan tea at 'Moroccan restaurant near the Emporium  in Brisbane,  when I went to collect some unsold paintings from a show...  rather than spending the time alone and disappointed I arranged to meet a friend and we spent several hours chatting, laughing and had cake & tea... and a divine havarti & pumpkin pizza.. alongside this roaring gas heater with a flame higher than I've ever noticed before on a gas heater, it made us feel so cozy and nurtured, the staff at the restaurant were so attentive and fabulous.

Cranberry tea & lemon tart, yet another 'treat' on a friends deck overlooking the ocean... just because.

"Peace for Me" (c) Denise Daffara
And here is my latest .. the beginning of a series I mentioned above... yoga/meditation type poses that feed my soul and nurture the chakra's their colours relate to.  This is one that is aimed at the heart chakra, 

I used this passage from a helpful website about the Chakra's

"located in the centre of the chest. It's function is: love, its inner state is compassion, love.  its colour is green and its planet is Venus.  Its stones are Green/Pink stones - Peridot, Rose Quartz, Malachite.  Meditation on: I Love.  Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus.  It also affects spiritual love, compassion and universal oneness.  Energies: Water, Calming Soothes, Relaxes."

So... today as I woke with a headache for the third day... and realised I'd made a big mistake with our internet provider and therefore had caused us to have no connection for a few hours, which was not appreciated by those in the house who need it for their work... and then received a call 'had I forgotten an osteopath appointment for 5 minutes ago?'... heck... I was so pleased to hear the word 'osteopath' I said, "see you in 2 minutes" and dived into the car with no shoes on and went and had my neck fixed... 2nd vertebrae twisted makes for very uncomfortable headaches, it's so strange that my love of painting creates such bad posture habits that brings me sore neck and headaches???  maybe its too much time at the computer as well... hence my gaps in blog posts...

So.... it's been a somewhat challenging time this winter for me... I'm so grateful I have great friends around me to bounce things off now and then and to laugh with and walk with and drink tea with ... simple things like this help so very much.

take care,

Denise xo


  1. my heart thanks your creative heart. i am glad to hear your neck is better, and the headaches may go away now. i love the borders on those first photos. your story telling is lovely. the painting is warm and wonderful. keep painting and one day soon the demand will be so great that we'll remember the winter when there was quiet in your world. you do sparkle so,

  2. The life of an artist is never easy, but it's never boring either!

    Your paintings have just not found their "right" home yet. Their true owners will find them one day, till then, you're the custodian. That's what I tell myself anyway.

    I've only just put myself "out there", meaning that this is the year that I've started painting and exhibiting as an Artist. Tough yes, but I wouldn't swap it for anything.

    I know what you mean about posture - mine's shocking, and the osteo tells me so! Rheumatoid Arthritis is no help either, but hurdles are there to be jumped.

    When in doubt, have another cupcake and cup of tea!