Monday, June 28, 2010

Life imitating Art

One Crazy Spring Day (c) Denise Daffara 2008

One Crazy Winter Night! June 2010

One of our chickens lost her way home on Saturday night and came to roost under the shelter of the house, too funny!  I took this pic then gave her a little cuddle and took her home to her place.  I can't help but love my chooks they bring me many funny moments, and little gifts in the form of eggs are great. 

On the same night we also had an amazing full moon and a lunar eclipse as well!  My husband and I sat outside for some hours watching the moon and burning a little fire... mmm, most disappointed in those heat beads and fire starters.. it's definitely not as good as a wood fire... lack of flames caused me to rip up a cardboard box to get the thing looking a bit more like it!!  We wrote some things to let go of and let them burn on the paper they were written.  I love sitting in the moonlight, taking a little time for introspection, it's a very peaceful and self nurturing thing to do, it's also very fun to gather with a bunch of 'succulent wild women' and celebrate full moons too... that's on my wish list.

I didn't have time for a beach walk today.. but here are a few pics from the local pathway... 

two grey herons on a branch

this spot feels like a stage, I sometimes like to stop here and just stretch my arms above my head...
if I could remember the moves this would be a perfect spot for Tai Chi. or Qi Gong (*sp?)

'dietes' flower in my garden.

A pretty good start to the week... school holidays are on here in Queensland, so a slower pace will be nice.

A good snippet I heard today ... in the field of personal growth 
use the word expand instead of change
... your subconscious responds more favourably.
Mmmm, I think so too, it just feels a little bit easier, and possible,
it means you're not doing completely hopelessly as you are right now... 
there's just room for growth, that's all. 

love Denise xo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

is that the time?

You know what?  Some days it all just feels a little pear shaped... I had a little more bubbles last night than was probably best... I have felt lousy all morning, and been unable to paint.

"Is That the Time" (c) Denise Daffara

That's just today's 'legitimate' excuse, but for some time now I've just not felt like painting much at all,...the 'not good enough s', the 'you can't paint that agains' the 'who do you think you are' s', the 'perfectionista mean b*tch', the 'tired, and really can't be bothered anymore' there's a whole bunch...  this is a big fat yucky squirmy confession, and well, I'm owning it, releasing it and allowing it to pass, however long that takes.  

I listened in to SARK's inspiration line today, it's the first time I've tried it, ... as usual she says just the right thing to give me a loving little nudge, just to look at something in a different little way.. can and does make such a difference.

she said some times she take a  "miracle walk", she walks outside, raises up her arms to the sky and says "Miracle find me Now" I love this idea.  And, another snippet was the description of taking a little time to speak to a smaller weaker part of yourself, not the big part that takes over and gets everything done, or takes charge of all the stuff in your life... but one of the smaller hidden parts... and how by giving that part just a little voice to speak you can learn something about yourself... something you may have been missing amongst all the 'should be's' and 'wannabeeee's' etc., and therefore you've changed the course of things.. and created a little shift... where things take a different little track... which could easily lead to something wonderful that you weren't expecting.

415-546-3742 (EPIC) 24 HOURS 
SARK invites you to take pleasure and inspiration from her FREE 5 
minute recorded message. SARK changes the message when the 
spirit moves her so check back regularly. The Inspiration Line is in
 its tenth year of welcoming over 5,000 callers from all over the world 
each month.

I also got a call from an artist friend who wants to come and hang out and learn some of 
"my magic".... and so I've said, sure and you can teach me some of yours. 

and then I came here... thinking, guiltily, it's been several days since my last post... I'm meant to be doing this more regularly... and wow, I happened upon two magical posts from two other  fellow creative dreamers...
Life is funny like that.....  by my new delightful friend Dana Sparkle, and from Nic Hohn, self validation + self promotion

It doesn't always seem this way, but just as well I believe...there is a huge, beautiful, sparkly, delightful, wonderful, full-of-love, enduring, courageous, strong, inspired, talented, kind, soft, gentle and warm-hearted Self that longs to come out and play and be and she is also me.

So, I'm feeling a lot better now... thanks for visiting, I hope to come back soon.

Denise xo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

donating a painting

We're in week 3 of our flying lessons with Kelly Rae... wow, so much information, I've been painting and selling for a while now... but I'm learning so many new things especially about having a presence online.

I've just done some errands and can tick a couple of things off my 'to do' list, it's amazing how just that in itself creates a little relief when you feel like some days/weeks you're just not getting enough done!  
I've donated a painting to be auctioned next Wednesday for our local hospital children's ward.  Last year I spent a couple of nights there with my daughter while she had her appendix out, my heart goes out to the little ones who are sick and their families taking care of them.  

Joy Riders  (c) Denise Daffara
120 x 90cm valued at $3550

I found an email in my inbox this morning at 4.30am when I couldn't sleep... my mind was so busy I just had to get up and write stuff down... de-cluttering the mind onto paper/journal works for me, and there was a link to this blog :

 how ironic considering I have been feeling SO FREAKIN DISORGANIZED lately it's not funny!  

I really appreciated being able to read something that made me feel completely normal in my artistic weirdness... I am after all not alone in my pursuit of creative bliss.  

better go and pick up a paint brush!

Denise xo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SARK Dream boogie - Free tele-class,

This is the thing I've been raving about.... so if you want a taste of it for FREE!!  go for it xoxo  Denise

This is huge!  Best-selling author and artist SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) has just announced that she is inviting anyone to attend the first class of the Summer Session of Dream Boogie with SARK for free, just so you can experience "Dream Boogie" first-hand and see what it's all about, without any cost or obligation.  It looks like space is pretty limited for the complimentary call, so I encourage you to reserve your spot to attend the class on Wednesday, June 16, or to request a complimentary recording of the class.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Min, aka, Maria, Marie, Faye ... my sister

Today I had a special time with a whole bunch of my family visiting to share a lunch, it would have been our sister's birthday if she was still with us... she died in June 1997, we remembered her today.

I liked to call her "Min" I think that name came about because she was petite, and 'mini-mouse' seemed to come to mind for some reason, I can't remember a time she wasn't 'Min' to me... a few things I recall about her are her love of the beach and sun-bathing she loved to have a tan, she always planted flowers wherever she lived, creating a beautiful garden was one her priorities and an obvious outlet for her creativity.  

I remember shopping with her and buying little pots of Lobelia

She also loved to paint, she did some wonderful china painting on plates of delicate flowers and landscapes, as well as oils on canvas.

This is one of Kapiti Island off the West coast of New Zealand's North Island.  

I guess I'm thinking of her a lot this year because I am the same age she was when her life tragically ended, and whenever I think of this I am reminded that life is precious, and you never know how long you'll be here.  It's so important to do and be with the things and people you love.  

So today was a perfect way to do this, by spending some time over a meal with my family. Pizza's were the order of the day... gluten free ones for those who needed, my lovely husband kneaded and rolled all the dough, and about 13 pizza's later... everyone was satisfied.  

I feel very grateful

Denise xo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

nostalgia for my DrEAm Boogie experience

Wow, who would have thunk it... only 8 weeks ago I jumped head first into an online course called DREAM BOOGIE WITH SARK, I didn't know much about Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy before this, so I watched the little 'cup of tea with SARK' video... (which I so love and actually dream of creating a vlog - 'cup of tea with Denise' one day...) she loves purple btw.

Want to have a cup of tea with SARK?  Here's a fun tea party video from SARK's home in San Francisco where she talks about dreams and the Summer 2010 Session of Dream Boogie with SARK, which starts June 16!

and instantly I got an intuitive boost of energy that just bubbled up inside me... I knew I had to do this for myself... not just at a head level, but my heart and soul could feel it... and the little girl inside me was so happy. You know, that part of you that remembers what it was like to play all day, and lie down on the back lawn watching clouds make shapes and scoot across the blue blue sky, and the one who loved to make forts (I made forts all the time as a kid, with a friend from across the street, she and her family only came to stay at their beach house for Christmas/summer holidays, and we made the best forts out of reinforcing wire which has lines and lines of squares, so it makes perfect walls with ready made windows, and blankets over the top) and dandelion seed blowing and floating like fairies... all that magical stuff. Well Susan reminded me of that playful energy that I had all but lost touch with.

and so today... the BBC 'Boogie Bean Community' will be cleared away for the new Beans coming in on June 16... so I have been receiving beautiful messages all this week from classmates who will not be returning, and some who will be going on with the 'summer school' session... and I have made the most beautiful connections with other creative souls around the world, all thanks to the magic of SARK and her desire to share her colourful fun creative soul with the world.

So... although I feel a little sad at the end of this course, I must remember the amazing change it has made in my life, I look at things differently from the way I did 8 weeks ago, I want to play more and worry less, and use colours more instead of just black, I want to have more get togethers with my juicy succulent wild woman friends and laugh and dance, and wear clothes I feel great in . . . and take naps! Haha, there is even a SARK book called ref=sr_1_19.jpg   how funny is that?

So.... I know I'm repeating myself a bit here... because I already posted about Dream Boogie a few days ago... but today is the end of a fabulous little 'era' ... and I just couldn't let it pass by without me raving and sharing a little bit more.  So, if you ever feel a little bit blah... get online and visit planet sark, or see if your library has any SARK books... if you love creativity, and fun and freedom, you will love all things sark.

love to all Boogie Beans and Succulent Wild Women out there! 

Denise xo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

meditation, madness, me

Well, my mind is spinning and whirring with all the information I'm gathering about blogging and websites and all that jazz, I haven't been back here to the blogosphere to share it.

I'm hesitant to explain what goes on in my life and mind in case you'll think I'm a little bit crazy... but then... as an artist we seem to have that as our perennial excuse do we not!  It takes a little crazy to put yourself right out there for all to see in the form of artwork.

Yesterday I took a trip to Brisbane (about an hours drive, our closest city) and delivered a bunch of paintings (most of them are in my current banner actually) and I was going to take "Tree of Wisdom"... I actually drove that painting to Brisbane ... and drove it right back home again, and hung it back on the wall outside my studio, I have decided that one means so much to me that it just has to stay here.  The good news is, beautiful giclee prints on canvas can be made of it.  A friend of mine has a large reproduction of this painting in her office she told me it has changed the energy in there... she says it makes her and her clients feel peaceful and calm. I love knowing that.

"Tree of Wisdom" 30 x 30cm giclee print on canvas $95

I still have to figure out the best way forward for adding a shopping cart to my website, to allow for online shopping!  This is something I'll be looking into over the coming months.

I just had to take myself off to rest this afternoon, it was all getting a bit much... and this is when I often listen to a podcast meditation by Mary & Richard Maddox to sooth my nerves and bring me back to stillness.  I first found these via itunes... and I now have all of them on my ipod... with titles such as : "Relief from Stress and Pressure", "Stillness, Stability and Balance", "Emotional Ease" and many  more, they have really really helped me.

Another of my favourite things in the world is to have a long hot bath with essential oils and epsom salts and bubbles, and a good book.

"Bliss and Bubbles" giclee prints available

Well time to sign off for now, unfortunately dinner won't cook itself, ... bye for now,

Denise xo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday lovely sunday

I felt extra specially happy this morning, the sun was streaming into my room I cleaned it all out yesterday so it felt fresher, and so I thought it called for tea & toast in bed!  Notice my fabulous new Picasso bed cover... it's meant to inspire me as I sleep, hopefully some of his magic will seep in.  

And the other delicious thing... a brand new journal to start... it's for raving, chatting, talking, thinking, morning pages (as Julia Cameron wisely recommends in her book 'The Artist's Way')  The first clean lined page is so filled with possibilities.  I like these particular ones because they're ordinary, so this allows for any old type of writing, messy included, and they have a great wide 'side bar' where you can doodle or make exclamation marks to remind you of something profound or to add to your 'to do' list.  I have a bunch of special journals and I am less likely to use them because of the desire for them to stay perfect, which is something I really should LET GO.  

The other thing I am aware of is that when I am writing about morning here.... it's afternoon the day before in America... I am much more aware of that now since meeting many new friends via the Kelly Rae and SARK e-courses. 

It's a special day for a local young lady... Jessica Watson sails home into Mooloolaba today after her huge round the world solo adventure, what an inspiration!

have a beautiful day wherever you are

dd xo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Femme Fantastique Exhibition 2007

(c) Denise Daffara

images from 2007 exhibition
After first picking up a brush in about 1999 and with much help from a clever artist friend of mine I have been developing a style to call my own ever since.

This was my first serious solo exhibition, held at Tiffany Jones Fine Art Gallery, in Queensland, Australia. (
  I was honoured to receive requests for commissioned paintings from many people who missed out, as this show completely sold out, much to my surprise.  So began a collection of paintings of fun, fabulous, free, elegant, frivolous, women.  

xo dd

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dream Boogie with SARK

If you're a SARK kindred spirit, you'll enjoy the new videos, fun photos and neat downloads that she's posted from her upcoming program, Dream Boogie with SARK: Dancing from DREAMing to DOing! The Summer 2010 Session starts June 16!

What a wild, delicious, fun filled, colourful splendiferous ride SARK's course has been for me.

I've been learning all kinds of tools for making my creative dream life more fun, and juicy and FABULOUS! Today's call was so good, all about nourishing, taking care and tending for our 'Dream Garden'. Tuning in to how we're feeling - what needs pruning, weeding, fertilising, watering, transplanting. I was reminded of the new seedlings I bought on the weekend, they sat around on the bench for a few days waiting for me to plant them.... one died ,,, and I planted 5 little floppy specimens (impatiens) how funny, since I'm quite 'impatient' myself... in a sunny spot... however when I went back to water them a day or so later I do believe they are all gone... thanks to the work of one of my chickens who regularly flys over the garden fence to where the 'grass is greener!'

"Skittles" aka Little Miss Naughty! and the patch where the seedlings should be.

dd xo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

currently taking flying lessons....

Hi there,

Well... I'm new to this blog world... so it may be a bit of a bumpy start...

I'm currently enrolled in a wonderful e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts...
BWS tips button
in which I hope to learn much more about this blogging and business world in conjunction with being an artist. This is one of my paintings... and pretty much sums up how I'm feeling at the moment... riding down a hill with no brakes.... but it's all ok.

dd xo

"Free Wheelin" (c) Denise Daffara