Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1 of 30 - without reading/listening to books or articles

I thought it might be interesting, to keep a little bit of a note about how this process goes for me.

I am a bit of a junkie when it comes to self help/psychology, uplifting, inspiring... kinds of books and podcasts... so much so that I think I may over do it... so on the weekend when I was having a day where my head felt it might explode with the sheer volume of thoughts running amock in my head... my partner challenged me to go without reading and listening to 'my stuff' for a month!  I was slightly resistant... well a lot resistant at first, but knowing how I had avoided the week of 'reading deprivation' in the Artist Way course I am taking myself through (a bit slowly I might add) I thought there really might be something in this... for me, that I am missing by not doing it.

So... apart from keeping up with email, and a little bit of facebook * but not reading the long articles on there... I have been only listening to music today...

it felt strangely 'peaceful' in my head... I pondered... perhaps that is because every wonderful speaker I listen to... although I am inspired by what they are saying/teaching, I am constantly checking and judging whether I measure up!  Underlying all this is the constant question am I good enough?

So.... that's only day 1 mind you...... many days to go yet... and I even started a little painting... 

bye for now,
love Denise

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday... hi..

Hi there creative souls and friends,

Well... I listened in live to SARK's call today... and I am consistently amazed by her.  For example, when she speaks about inner critics... she suggests using creative and fun ways of working with them... or 'without them' actually... like... she sent a bunch of her inner critics to Japan because there is a lot of work to do there... and just before her call today... some were popping up to say things that were not all that helpful.. like... will she be good enough for such a large call ... etc... and so she sent those ones... "down to the back overgrown garden, there is plenty of work for them to do there, and they're still down there" she said with a giggle..... i LOVE that!!!  

She's the funnest most colourful bodaciously creative inspiring soul I know of!!

I've jokingly thought of putting 'SARK' as my *religion... on facebook... because whenever I read her books or listen to her speak her words inspire me, make me feel loved, accepted and ok....just as I am... and quite frankly my experience of regular religion never did that!

*i changed it haha!

I spent a little bit of time with my chicken 'Lucy' today... she's looking very old and has gone all quiet and maybe has a little cough... I'm wondering if she might cross over to chicken heaven quite soon... so I took some photo's of her...being a Sussex, she is one of the most pretty breeds of chickens I've seen.  Not however a very good layer... so we may not buy any more like her.  I have featured her in several of my paintings, because her little black lacey collar is just special.... and I love her.

She's got her little eyes closed...
she looked like she was meditating.

"Setting off for a picnic" (c) Denise Daffara

Goodnight lovelies

Denise xo

I am extremely happy to be an affiliate of SARK... and she has a new session of Dream Boogie starting soon if you are interested  I did Dream Boogie last year and LOVED it very much!!  Especially wonderful if you are a bit lonely and in need of some colour filled inspiration and a new wonderful group of creative friends, which you'll meet online, from all over the world.  - i blogged about Dream Boogie in a previous blog. x

note.... Tuesday 19 April 2011

My lovely Lucy Lou died last night, I found her this morning

... and then the most bazaar thing happened a couple of hours later... our little dog Aura who occasionally visits the chooks; whimpered at the screen door and when I opened it... she went straight outside across the wet deck and lawn to the chook pen...(she absolutely hates getting her feet wet so I was quite puzzled) ... I took some photo's.

Who knows.... curious animal behaviour...