Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scooting the Breeze

"Scooting the Breeze" (c) Denise Daffara

Over a year ago I went for my auto motor bike license, and passed ... just.  You see during the test I scared the living daylights out of myself by almost heading into oncoming traffic, forgetting the NUMBER ONE rule of bike riding, LOOK in the direction you want to go.  I was pretty shaken up but had to keep on going as I was in the middle of the practical test ride.  We did end up purchasing a brand new fabulous scooter a short time after that, and my partner has been the one to use it and I had avoided it completely.  It's been eating away at me as, it was my dream for years, to own a 'Vespa" and scoot to the beach for walks and swims, and to visit my friends etc.  being a one car family has its challenges, so this was to be my freedom, on two wheels!  I remember having a plastic motor bike when I was a little girl and riding around the path outside my house back and forwards all the time and LOVING it.

My sister even bought me this super cool key ring!

So, last Sunday morning I went for a beach walk with a dear friend of mine who has recently spent some time in Sedona and had some amazing experiences, she is truly an inspiration in my life.  You can read much more about Raelene at her website and she encouraged me to go and get on my scooter that day, so I did!  My dear partner rode it over to our local school and I went up and down the car park several times... it wasn't much in terms of distance travelled, but it was a huge break through for me.  I've got a way to go with the scooting thing, but I'll keep at it, and look forward to mastering it to a point where it's a breeze, just like driving.  I can still remember freaking out on the inside when I first learned to drive a car, I wondered when would I ever get that hang of being in charge of this huge machine... so it's just practice I guess.  

bye for now,

Denise xo

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  1. being a learner is a gr8 way to experience all the surprising things in life. enjoy all the scootering adventures that are in your future.
    love the scooting ladies.

  2. Cute story..brought back memories. :)) I wish you luck sweet lady in all your future adventures with your scooter..with each time out it'll get easier and easier.

    Hugs of Summer Sunshine,

  3. Oh riding and owning a scooter is one of my dreams....there are so many on the road here in Hervey Bay.I'm thinking of hiring one for a ride.Thanks for the reminder and I know it is fear that has made be put this one on the back burner.

    Hooray for you!