Monday, June 28, 2010

Life imitating Art

One Crazy Spring Day (c) Denise Daffara 2008

One Crazy Winter Night! June 2010

One of our chickens lost her way home on Saturday night and came to roost under the shelter of the house, too funny!  I took this pic then gave her a little cuddle and took her home to her place.  I can't help but love my chooks they bring me many funny moments, and little gifts in the form of eggs are great. 

On the same night we also had an amazing full moon and a lunar eclipse as well!  My husband and I sat outside for some hours watching the moon and burning a little fire... mmm, most disappointed in those heat beads and fire starters.. it's definitely not as good as a wood fire... lack of flames caused me to rip up a cardboard box to get the thing looking a bit more like it!!  We wrote some things to let go of and let them burn on the paper they were written.  I love sitting in the moonlight, taking a little time for introspection, it's a very peaceful and self nurturing thing to do, it's also very fun to gather with a bunch of 'succulent wild women' and celebrate full moons too... that's on my wish list.

I didn't have time for a beach walk today.. but here are a few pics from the local pathway... 

two grey herons on a branch

this spot feels like a stage, I sometimes like to stop here and just stretch my arms above my head...
if I could remember the moves this would be a perfect spot for Tai Chi. or Qi Gong (*sp?)

'dietes' flower in my garden.

A pretty good start to the week... school holidays are on here in Queensland, so a slower pace will be nice.

A good snippet I heard today ... in the field of personal growth 
use the word expand instead of change
... your subconscious responds more favourably.
Mmmm, I think so too, it just feels a little bit easier, and possible,
it means you're not doing completely hopelessly as you are right now... 
there's just room for growth, that's all. 

love Denise xo


  1. I love to sit by the fire in the moonlight and contemplate as well. We often have a little fire in our backyard and we have plans for a big fire pit at our new house. I’d love to be involved in a full moon meeting of women, so keep me in the loop when you start making plans!!

  2. i love the chicken on the bike, paint her next. an expansion of the chick on the bike?!*?#!!!

    oh that moon....bella luna... that crazy moon... watch moonstruck for a great inspiring moon view movie this winter....or divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood for a womens moon movie... i'm there with you for that night ....YA-YA's RULE!
    you go with that flow, girl and enjoy the holidays.

  3. I used to do gathering with "wild women" on a full moon's night, candles and meditation, it's quite a mystical process bonding with other women on such a night.

    I like what you say about using the word "expand", I still talk too negative to myself and I'm really learning to be aware of my thoughts. I love your posts bcos they remind me so much of what to practice, of setting the right intention, of being conscious of my mind.

    Thanks, have a joyous week ahead!

  4. You truly can't beat a fire under the canopy of a starlight sky and a bit of full moon bathing! Its a truly beautiful part of the world you live in...makes me yearn to return and hear the cicadas and smell the melaleuca trees!
    Jenny X

  5. I never thought of writing things and throwing them in the fire, good idea.
    I love your work, the girl on the bike looks so happy and carefree.