Monday, June 14, 2010

Min, aka, Maria, Marie, Faye ... my sister

Today I had a special time with a whole bunch of my family visiting to share a lunch, it would have been our sister's birthday if she was still with us... she died in June 1997, we remembered her today.

I liked to call her "Min" I think that name came about because she was petite, and 'mini-mouse' seemed to come to mind for some reason, I can't remember a time she wasn't 'Min' to me... a few things I recall about her are her love of the beach and sun-bathing she loved to have a tan, she always planted flowers wherever she lived, creating a beautiful garden was one her priorities and an obvious outlet for her creativity.  

I remember shopping with her and buying little pots of Lobelia

She also loved to paint, she did some wonderful china painting on plates of delicate flowers and landscapes, as well as oils on canvas.

This is one of Kapiti Island off the West coast of New Zealand's North Island.  

I guess I'm thinking of her a lot this year because I am the same age she was when her life tragically ended, and whenever I think of this I am reminded that life is precious, and you never know how long you'll be here.  It's so important to do and be with the things and people you love.  

So today was a perfect way to do this, by spending some time over a meal with my family. Pizza's were the order of the day... gluten free ones for those who needed, my lovely husband kneaded and rolled all the dough, and about 13 pizza's later... everyone was satisfied.  

I feel very grateful

Denise xo


  1. Hi Denise!
    Its lovely to meet another australian artist. I have to say I love your work, it is absolutely gorgeous!
    Kaili x

  2. oh sweet, so sorry to hear about your loss. my heart reaches out to you and gives you a cosmic hug. may you celebrate your sister and find comfort in the arms of those you love. you are a blessing to us all am i am glad to have meet you. thanks for sharing.
    i love the "she" book you have posted on the left. i have it. freaky.