Wednesday, June 9, 2010

meditation, madness, me

Well, my mind is spinning and whirring with all the information I'm gathering about blogging and websites and all that jazz, I haven't been back here to the blogosphere to share it.

I'm hesitant to explain what goes on in my life and mind in case you'll think I'm a little bit crazy... but then... as an artist we seem to have that as our perennial excuse do we not!  It takes a little crazy to put yourself right out there for all to see in the form of artwork.

Yesterday I took a trip to Brisbane (about an hours drive, our closest city) and delivered a bunch of paintings (most of them are in my current banner actually) and I was going to take "Tree of Wisdom"... I actually drove that painting to Brisbane ... and drove it right back home again, and hung it back on the wall outside my studio, I have decided that one means so much to me that it just has to stay here.  The good news is, beautiful giclee prints on canvas can be made of it.  A friend of mine has a large reproduction of this painting in her office she told me it has changed the energy in there... she says it makes her and her clients feel peaceful and calm. I love knowing that.

"Tree of Wisdom" 30 x 30cm giclee print on canvas $95

I still have to figure out the best way forward for adding a shopping cart to my website, to allow for online shopping!  This is something I'll be looking into over the coming months.

I just had to take myself off to rest this afternoon, it was all getting a bit much... and this is when I often listen to a podcast meditation by Mary & Richard Maddox to sooth my nerves and bring me back to stillness.  I first found these via itunes... and I now have all of them on my ipod... with titles such as : "Relief from Stress and Pressure", "Stillness, Stability and Balance", "Emotional Ease" and many  more, they have really really helped me.

Another of my favourite things in the world is to have a long hot bath with essential oils and epsom salts and bubbles, and a good book.

"Bliss and Bubbles" giclee prints available

Well time to sign off for now, unfortunately dinner won't cook itself, ... bye for now,

Denise xo


  1. 'Tree of Life' is a very peaceful painting. It has great easy movement to it. The two figures belong together, and then there is that owl . . . I think that is my favorite part. Whats his story?

  2. Hi Denise, Love your blog and your writing style. Gonna miss you in the Bean Community.

    Have fun, Joan x

  3. Hi Denise,
    I have only read this post on your blog, but already I know we have so much in common. I too have taken paintings home from galleries because I can’t bear to part with them and I was once almost addicted to the calming voice o Mary Madox (but since putting on one of her meditations in early labour I just can’t go back!!!). I love to soak in a long hot bath and have crazy artist thoughts going on in my head all the time! I am also about an hour from Brisbane – in Ipswich, so we don’t really have any excuse not to arrange some sort of catch up. It’s great to be connecting with local creative souls….
    You are welcome to contact me through the email in my contacts page, I couldn’t find yours – although I didn’t look for long as I was keen to get stuck into writing this comment!!!
    Love both of these paintings by the way.