Friday, June 4, 2010

Femme Fantastique Exhibition 2007

(c) Denise Daffara

images from 2007 exhibition
After first picking up a brush in about 1999 and with much help from a clever artist friend of mine I have been developing a style to call my own ever since.

This was my first serious solo exhibition, held at Tiffany Jones Fine Art Gallery, in Queensland, Australia. (
  I was honoured to receive requests for commissioned paintings from many people who missed out, as this show completely sold out, much to my surprise.  So began a collection of paintings of fun, fabulous, free, elegant, frivolous, women.  

xo dd

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  1. I am LOVING YOUR BANNER! Wonderful start! Popping over from Flying Lessons-Robin

  2. Hi Denise! Your work is amazing!! So glad you dropped by...

  3. Hi Denise what a wonderfully laid out blog. I am now looking at blogs in such a new way. I love how you have all that information in little buttons all around! xxMoyra from FLying lessons

  4. Hi, From a fellow flying classmate! Love seeing all your paintings together like that in your blog header...fantastic :-)

  5. Your paintings are FABULOUS! Fantastique for sure! And a solo exhibit must have been pretty crazy as well. Fun to read about another flyer "flying". Thanks for stopping by my blog and see you in class!