Thursday, June 10, 2010

nostalgia for my DrEAm Boogie experience

Wow, who would have thunk it... only 8 weeks ago I jumped head first into an online course called DREAM BOOGIE WITH SARK, I didn't know much about Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy before this, so I watched the little 'cup of tea with SARK' video... (which I so love and actually dream of creating a vlog - 'cup of tea with Denise' one day...) she loves purple btw.

Want to have a cup of tea with SARK?  Here's a fun tea party video from SARK's home in San Francisco where she talks about dreams and the Summer 2010 Session of Dream Boogie with SARK, which starts June 16!

and instantly I got an intuitive boost of energy that just bubbled up inside me... I knew I had to do this for myself... not just at a head level, but my heart and soul could feel it... and the little girl inside me was so happy. You know, that part of you that remembers what it was like to play all day, and lie down on the back lawn watching clouds make shapes and scoot across the blue blue sky, and the one who loved to make forts (I made forts all the time as a kid, with a friend from across the street, she and her family only came to stay at their beach house for Christmas/summer holidays, and we made the best forts out of reinforcing wire which has lines and lines of squares, so it makes perfect walls with ready made windows, and blankets over the top) and dandelion seed blowing and floating like fairies... all that magical stuff. Well Susan reminded me of that playful energy that I had all but lost touch with.

and so today... the BBC 'Boogie Bean Community' will be cleared away for the new Beans coming in on June 16... so I have been receiving beautiful messages all this week from classmates who will not be returning, and some who will be going on with the 'summer school' session... and I have made the most beautiful connections with other creative souls around the world, all thanks to the magic of SARK and her desire to share her colourful fun creative soul with the world.

So... although I feel a little sad at the end of this course, I must remember the amazing change it has made in my life, I look at things differently from the way I did 8 weeks ago, I want to play more and worry less, and use colours more instead of just black, I want to have more get togethers with my juicy succulent wild woman friends and laugh and dance, and wear clothes I feel great in . . . and take naps! Haha, there is even a SARK book called ref=sr_1_19.jpg   how funny is that?

So.... I know I'm repeating myself a bit here... because I already posted about Dream Boogie a few days ago... but today is the end of a fabulous little 'era' ... and I just couldn't let it pass by without me raving and sharing a little bit more.  So, if you ever feel a little bit blah... get online and visit planet sark, or see if your library has any SARK books... if you love creativity, and fun and freedom, you will love all things sark.

love to all Boogie Beans and Succulent Wild Women out there! 

Denise xo


  1. your artwork is just beautiful! so happy to find your lovely blog. thank you for being so inspiring and for sharing your stories & experiences! i just love hearing about sark's class! and can't wait to stop back again and read more about your fabulous journey!

    best wishes!

  2. Dearest Denise, this sounds like a very inspiring and amazing course! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! I really love hearing all yoru stories and experience! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  3. my sparkly boogie buddy, i too can't believe how something on line can spark a change that ripples through into the real world. i also built forts with the neighbourhood kids, i used pegs & towel for reinforcement. making long winding tunnels with secret rooms at the end. i love discovering yet, another commonality. indelibly connected through the universe...

  4. Hey Denise! Thanks for popping by at my blog. Wanted to check your blog and out and WOW was I ever "wowed"! Awesome blog and your work is terrific. Very inspiring!