Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dream Boogie with SARK

If you're a SARK kindred spirit, you'll enjoy the new videos, fun photos and neat downloads that she's posted from her upcoming program, Dream Boogie with SARK: Dancing from DREAMing to DOing! The Summer 2010 Session starts June 16!

What a wild, delicious, fun filled, colourful splendiferous ride SARK's course has been for me.

I've been learning all kinds of tools for making my creative dream life more fun, and juicy and FABULOUS! Today's call was so good, all about nourishing, taking care and tending for our 'Dream Garden'. Tuning in to how we're feeling - what needs pruning, weeding, fertilising, watering, transplanting. I was reminded of the new seedlings I bought on the weekend, they sat around on the bench for a few days waiting for me to plant them.... one died ,,, and I planted 5 little floppy specimens (impatiens) how funny, since I'm quite 'impatient' myself... in a sunny spot... however when I went back to water them a day or so later I do believe they are all gone... thanks to the work of one of my chickens who regularly flys over the garden fence to where the 'grass is greener!'

"Skittles" aka Little Miss Naughty! and the patch where the seedlings should be.

dd xo


  1. Hi Denise. Nice painting below. I am a Dream Doer who is now flying with you in kelly's course. I LOVE it so much! I hope you do too!
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Hi Denise

    A Boogie Bean sharing your joy! It was truly the most amazing experience ever. I loved, loved, loved every single bit of it! So glad to have befriended you. Your Art is truly stunning and succulent and needs to fly out! The world will be deeeeeelighted!

    P.S. Sark is an huge inspiration in every possible way!

    Much Love

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! I love blogging. It not only give me a place to be creative but more importantly a place to connect with others. SARK's Boogie Dream class was amazing! I'm thrilled that we've met. I love, love, love your energy. Please keep in touch! I won't be in the summer session but I will be active online. All the best to you!

  4. hi denise! thanks for visiting the ilmaonline blog! i love your photo and that you are from australia. it is so cool that i can be in florida and we can be in the same sark class! i hope we are in touch. are you doing the summer one? i am!

  5. p.s. i love that life you were born to live book, too. and of course all the sark books. i'm on prosperity pie right now. (:

  6. Hello Boogie Beans,Dana, Fatma, Kathryn and Leanne,
    how fabulous to meet you here,

    I'm still bursting at the seams after all that juicy information we gleaned from SARK's course... its a life changer for sure. I've bought her little book Living Juicy I think it is... and just want to read them all now. They are like a trusted friend to curl up with. I am overjoyed at having found such a delightful wonderful inspirational woman such as Susan... look how her magic has brought us 'once strangers' together... with the wave of a purple crayon!

    And we've only just begun.... where will this crazy, juicy, wild and fabulous fun take us next?

    d x