Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red, red, rEd, rED, ReD

RED is my favourite colour, this is a mixture of paint in a tray I used yesterday... I wished I could have created that very same pattern to keep for ever... I guess that's where photo's come in a little bit handy.  

I visted the amazing website of Tori Hartman today and when I did the "free colour wisdom card reading" I got "Rose - Red" ... and yesterday I tried it and got "Cherry Red" haha, there must be something in it!!  I have decided I'd love to own the deck... maybe it could be fun to give readings to people and have them create a painting also relating to their card and hearts desires.

It's shifting and changing times around here... the energy lifts and then falls... some days it all feels like its running along perfectly.. then crash... something out of the blue seems to floor me.  I would like to embrace the shift, release the fear of change and  go with this flow that seems to be taking me whether I like it or not.   It's not a devastating blow.. I've had a couple of those in my life so I know how that feels.. this is different... it's growth, but unseen possibilities glisten in the distance.. I have snippets of sparkles showing themselves daily, 

amongst the mundane and the usual... I often receive much needed peace from just watching birds, especially my chickens.. one of the red ones flys up onto the gate to be the 'first to glimpse the scrap pot offerings', but I take the opportunity to place one hand under her little round chest and the other to give her a head to tail pat... she endures the outrageous misunderstanding and then flutters back into her territory as soon as she possibly can!  

I've never seen a Robin red breast in person, but I do love them so, hence I popped one in to a painting recently... see in previous post here

'A Night To Remember'
(c) Denise Daffara

Well dear ones, I'll sign off for now... 

Denise xo


  1. Just been to your previous post to find a robin. Oh so cute! As being in the UK I guess I am lucky to view them quite often. I love watching them enjoying in our garden, espacially snowy background in winter is quite a stunning view with the contrast of the colour. By the way, red is the most difficult colour to get in ceramics... sometimes I miss this. xm

  2. Thank you for the lovely, supportive comment over on my blog! Aah red, I too love the color (just not sure about the shade on my head currently!) I am debating whether I go back and have them "fix" my hair or as you said, try to "embrace" it a little more!

    I understand completely the ebbs/flows of changing moods...Just ride the best you can...and paint your heart out!

  3. red is so right for you. isn't your current painting with the root chakra? the colour of that is red, too. love the robins little red breast. hang in there the rollercoaster car does come to a stop, for a bit only to start the next ride. hold on with both hands or raise your arms in the air and scream. sometimes fun, other times not so much. sending you love on your interesting journey...

  4. Red and Birds - 2 of my most fave things in the world!

    Energy never dies, it is just transformed. Now channeling energy, that's the hard part!

    Birds are one of the world's best tranquilizers - in a good way!



  5. Loooooooooooooooove it Denise! I think sometimes the colours choose us..I know that this is the case for me! Purple has been choosing me subconsciously for months now and everything I own is turning purple. Its very very interesting. Red is fabulous - especially red shoes :)