Monday, August 16, 2010

Feminine Power week one...

I have begun a very interesting journey along with over 800 women from 24 Countries around the world!  I think that in itself is remarkable!!!

Here are some figures, for those of you who like numbers ...  Australia 49, Canada 85,  Chile 2 China 1, Denmark 4, Finland 2, France 4, Germany 5, Guam 1, Hong Kong 2, Ireland 3, Italy 1, Netherlands 7, New Zealand 3, Norway 2, Kataar 1, South Africa 3, Spain 3, Sweden 2, Switzerland 1 United Arab Emirates 1, United Kingdom 34 and USA 572!!!  

So.... to begin with we set our personal intentions for the course.. I'm not sure about sharing it here just yet... I may prefer to just talk about the course, and leave the contents safely in their cocoon of the group.... I'm finding that these online courses (this being my third) really can become a magical nurturing and inspiring little place of safety.  When you listen to an inspiring speaker, and are invited to join a group of women... a little door of your heart can experience a little knocking... sometimes a still small voice can be heard whispering to you to ... trust... let go... leap... 

this is an example of something that can happen... when you listen to that little calling... and take that leap...

An  Amazing Synchronistic Magical little Story... 
Just since our call at the beginning of this journey (Thurs 12th August)... I heard the voice of a lovely who said she lived on the Sunshine Coast... she actually lives in the next suburb to me.. minutes away!  we had never met... and during that call when we were asked to say hello from anywhere around the world, I thought.... ok... this course is about stepping into my power... so I quickly pressed ‘1’ before I changed my mind... so I too got to say hello to all who were on the call from all over the world.. and I felt so privilaged and happy. this Lady on the phone and I saw eachothers faces on the forum, and connected very briefly in writing, saying we would soon be able to have a little local group.. and another lady has popped up just 20 mins away in Noosa...!
ok... so here’s the magical moment...
 my husband and I were walking along through the cafes at a little place called Cotton Tree on Saturday... I was feeling particularly good this day, and I was thinking about the course I had just begun, the sun was shining it was a brilliantly gorgeous day .... and at that moment I looked across to my right... and a lady was sitting at a cafe table smiling straight at me, I instantly recognised her as the woman I had heard introduce herself on the phone, and who's picture I had seen on the forum... we embraced like old very special friends immediately and introduced our bewildered husbands... and then my new friend wisely said “To Be Continued” ... it was one of the most enlivening, beautiful and lovely things I’ve had happen in a while.  
and that’s only two days after the course started!!!  What will these next six weeks hold I wonder?  xoxo

the view from a little seat in a rock wall at Alexandra Headland,

from the same seat.. looking across to Point Cartwright. 

I am deeply grateful for the place I live.

and for the potential for miracles in the every day.

love Denise xo


  1. oh how special. i feel so happy when i think about our eventual meeting. i'm sure i'll be smiling ear to ear, like i am right now after reading this post. yeay to serendipity. i have been listening to "the women on the Evolution Series", some are the same speakers, as i garden, walk and paint. SO very inspiring. Enjoy swimming in the pool of feminine powers...

  2. shhhh, i'm meant to be painting... but hi there gorgeous one... you're in my heart... I could I ever forget someone who reminds me to sparkle. three of my fave things right there... garden,walk and paint.. bliss you xoxo

  3. Serendipity is all around us - we just have to "tune in" to the right station to pick it up.

    What a gorgeous part of Oz you live in, some days I miss being an FNQer!



  4. What a magical moment of connection....