Tuesday, August 10, 2010

goodness me...

Good evening ...

it's a New Moon in Leo today/tonight, it's an important time for setting intentions, wishes, dreams and plans for the coming days/weeks.  I had a full day, highlighted by meeting with a like-minded dynamic woman who I am so happy to have met.  Another intuitive friend pointed out... the first two weeks of the New Moon time are for setting intentions, and taking ACTION, and then the second two weeks you get to sit back a bit and see the fruit of your actions playing out.  Something about that made me feel the urgency to quit mucking around and get a bit more serious about doing something!  I must admit, I sometimes get a bit flakey on it and hope/wish/day dream it's all going to work out... well... I have come to realise that I owe myself a bit more of a commitment than that.

I begin the 7 week tele-course this week with Feminine Power (facebook page fyi) and I'm feeling the rumblings of something being stirred up.  

here's another interesting post I happened upon... as I went googling for a 'New Moon in Leo' pic to share : planetaryapothecary.com ... unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out a super fast way of finding an image, getting it onto here and including where I got it from.. mm, yeah, need a bit more practice on that.. and now is not the time for such things!!

ok... so I'm off to set some intentions.... oh... and it looks like I've made the new banner WAY TOOOOO   W I D E !!!!!  mmmmmm, I'll fix that as soon as I have the inclination! 

Denise xo


  1. you are so cute. and now very serious. may the dreams and intentions you set, with this new moon, fly into your life, twirl you about until you fall over laughing. all your dreams are already coming true. embrace your feminine power...

  2. I must admit that I'm a bit of a Luscious Luna fan myself.

    At each Full Moon I set out my art tools, rings and anything else that I feel needs "cleansing" by it's beams. I lay them out carefully in the mooonlight before I go to bed and in the morning befoer the sun's rays reach them, I gather them all up, ready to be instilled with positive energies from my hands for the month of art making ahead.



  3. Hi Cindy,
    That sounds like such a beautiful thing to do, thanks for sharing that little gem xo