Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas done...

Hi there,

Well, I'm awake in the middle of the night... 3.00am right now... so why not do a little blog post.

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas if it is something you celebrate, and if not, then a Happy Holiday time with friends or family.  I was very lucky to have two close friends choose to join my family for Christmas Eve and then followed by an amazing seafood lunch... must find some pics to share...  cooked by my 'very good cook' friend Sarah.  

After the splendid lunch my daughter and I drove out to the Woodford Folk Festival to set up our hired camper trailer for the week to come, wow, what an ordeal it turned out to be... we've had a LOT of rain, so the camping grounds are saturated, making for some very muddy and unfriendly camping situations, I drove around looking for the right spot.. and steadily felt more stressed and less excited as the time went along... we almost got stuck a couple of times... and when I was about to give up and drive back home, I actually said out loud "I need Help!" .... right near the exit I saw a large grassy area and just pulled over... we un-hitched the trailer and just decided.. HERE.  We will camp right HERE.  it turned out to be a very wonderful spot indeed! (Thank you Angels or guides or whoever was on duty and heard my call for help, seriously, I believe it) 

I'll take some photo's of that too...  

We actually headed back home the next day to have a couple of comfy home days before the festival really kicks off, but our temporary home is there all ready for us to go back to today.

only a few more days left of 2010.... I'm wondering what the New Year will hold... and what my heart desires to bring forward.   What are your hearts desires for the New Year?  Share if you feel like it. x

Take care, bye for now

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