Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oprah's here ...

Today I feel like offering a tribute to someone who seems like a dear friend to me... unusually for me... I actually dreamed about her last night...  I got to hang out with her for a night and a day... we chatted and just hung out like old friends, it felt so real that this morning it truly felt like it had happened!

Her name is Oprah... and I've been inviting her into my home for over 21 years now, via her show on tv, she has brought me so much information regarding life, health and harmony and many other wondrous things too many to name, what a profoundly awesome woman she is.  I see her as a truly magnificent example of what a beautiful open hearted person can bring into the world.

I am so pleased she's made it down to Australia, the energy people were talking about feeling at her shows this morning in Sydney is a testament to the positive addition she has made to so so many lives.

I was surprised by some negative comments I heard while out at the bank and doing errands today.. but I guess not everyone resonates with Oprah's kind of vibe... sometimes it takes a certain amount of self control to not tell them what I think!  I so wanted to tell them to SHUT UP! DON'T THEY REALISE HOW MUCH GOOD SHE HAS DONE IN THE WORLD... that's why this little blog is helpful... I get to say my piece here.

I wasn't lucky enough to go to the show, but I felt the joy of it watching bits and pieces as they came on tv today... and I'll look forward to the shows early next year.  

She has made the world a better place by offering herself in service to humanity, I salute her.

Bravo to you Oprah!

Denise xo

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  1. OMG, Denise Daffara, you are stunning. Bravo, to you for sharing your feelings so gently, honestly and courageously. I salute YOU. xo I am so grateful for your friendship, you make me want to Shine as I desire and you are a beautiful chapter of my journey that is life long now. Namaste.