Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full Moon in Gemini

Wow!!  I receive a great email update from and to my delight and surprise, this month one of my paintings... done last year comes to life in a very special way ... well the name and idea of it do!!!   LUNAR ECLIPSE / FULL MOON in GEMINI:  Tues 21 Dec 2010, exact at 6.13pm Queensland time (AEST) at 29 degrees Gemini

it can be hung either way.... it's a representation of harmony... yin yang... with a Gemini Full moon twist, with the twins making the shape of the yin yang symbol.

Gemini Moon

Beautiful canvas prints can be made of this painting too, so if you love it, don't hesitate to enquire about having your very own copy of it.  The original painting is also available and is valued at $2,950.

New moon is on Monday 6th December... for anyone who likes to set their intentions for the coming weeks, that's a great time to do so.  

Love Denise xo

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