Monday, January 24, 2011

Burlesque, Fabulous Frivolous Sexy Movie

I went to see 'Burlesque' the movie last night, OH WOW!!! 
 I absolutely LOVED it!!

There was however an interesting little thing that happened, and on reflection about it this morning, I could probably have handled it much better than I did...  you see, both my husband and myself are quite particular about where we sit in the cinema (ok... partly due to the fact I can only see well out of one eye, so this creates a small problem with judging distances.. but also renders 3D movies a waste of time on me), so anyway... we were passing by the cinema early in the day so we pre-booked our tickets, choosing to sit right smack bang in the centre of the cinema.  Our most preferred seats!

So... we made our way leisurely to the movies not needing to be early to buy etc etc... and when I wandered nonchalantly up the stairs to find my allocated seats... I was perplexed and surprised to see two young women had decided to sit in them!  So I just politely asked, if they could just check their tickets... were they in the right seats... and they said "OH... IT DOESN'T MATTER... YOU CAN SIT WHERE EVER YOU LIKE.. IT'S JUST SEATS" mmm, well, that didn't really sit well with me.. so I kindly asked them to just please move.. and after them making quite a loud protest and mini drama out of it... they did in fact move..... so I was left wondering what the heck was that about... could I have avoided that?  ... I guess I could have chosen new seats... but guess what... we kept hearing displaced people for the rest of the time because they just went from our seats to someone else's.  I could also have explained how anal I am and they would have perhaps understood my need for that seat... but whatever..  I really do like the idea my dear friend gave/reminded me of this morning... of sending lots of love out in situations like that... and not joining in or adding to the already negative vibe someone else has created.

It's a totally new way of being.... I choose it some of the time... but imagine.. I think to myself... Imagine... if I chose to live like that all of the time.  To not instantly think of the negative aspect of a potentially usually annoying situation.. but instead... flick the switch over to a more loving response... it's not just woo woo nonsense... It's actually the highest and purest form of self preservation and self love you can offer to the world.

So... I'll give that a blast... not to be taken advantage of... but to allow a different response to the first quick thing...

I forgot how amazing Cher's voice is... and also thoroughly enjoyed Christina Aguilera's character and voice, omg, her VOICE it's fabulous!!!  and also... a short but significant mention should be made of the HOT co-star... who usually plays the bad guy... he was very easy on the eyes too.  and the COSTUMES!!!! WWooooohhww!!


so.... I'll give that ***** 5 stars!  

bye for now,
love Denise x


  1. DITTO! Right down to the having pre-booked my seats 24 hours before for my party of 4 and having to endure the filthy looks from the two women I politely asked to move from them! I would have shrunk from the confrontation some years ago... growing all the time. :-) xxx
    PS The COSTUMES!!!!!!!! Gotta get me some of THOSE!!!

  2. It is official, an international trend! Same thing here in NZ. I personally blame the loss of the usher. People are like sheep, they need direction, otherwise look what happens! Mayhem! PS Am refashioning pearl necklaces into natty little onesy as we speak....