Monday, October 25, 2010

SPArkle event... phew 'Spring Things' ready at the last minute

... goodness me... this blogging thing really needs far more attention than I seem to be prepared to give to it!

I was in a big flurry last week... wanting to finish a painting in time for display at a Breast Cancer Fundraising event..Pacific Kia SPArkle Night Oct 2010

Gorgeous friend Rachael Donovan, Kim Morrison, 
Denise Daffara & Fleur Whelligan 

"Spring Things"
120 x 85cm
now on display at

and here is the gorgeous Tiffany Jones looking stunning at the SPArkle night, where she, Rod & Stefan set up an absolutely fabulous display of artwork especially for the viewing pleasure of those who attended; featuring very special Australian artists, pictured above is a luscious red pastel by Kate Smith.  It's a rare occasion to have such a high standard of artwork on display  at a local event, and out of the gallery, so I really appreciated Tiffany's hard work to make this happen.

"Bon Jour" is available as a petite print on canvas
rolled $75 (easy to post)
or stretched ready to hang $125 

One lucky lady won a print of 'Bon Jour' that I donated for the night...

So.... that was last week... and this week I'm thinking of what new paintings I can do for the coming holiday season, the local toy store is so kindly telling us with their outdoor signage... only 9 weeks 'til Xmas!!  Oh my gosh!

My youngest daughter and I will be taking off to the Woodford Folk Festival right after Christmas day... so I'd better get things very organised before that... I'll be off the air for a couple of weeks in January for sure.

I was chatting to a very dedicated blogger & client who became a friend Nikki Parkinson of Styling You at the event.. and she recommended I really try and blog at least once per week!  So I'm going to try to get here... ok...  She even does vlogs now!!! omg... I am sooo going to do that one day... I could pull up with a cup of tea and chat for a few minutes... surely??

Perhaps I could ask for topics that might interest you?

Thanks so much for stopping by... 


Denise. xo

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  1. Well done, Denise. And a great blog about the night. I absolutely love that painting you did for the event. LOVE your work!