Thursday, September 30, 2010

a month later . . .


I can't believe it's been a MONTH since I last dropped in here... I had thought I'd be telling you all about my progress in my Feminine Power Telecourse... well... it's been so jolly fabulous I've not even thought of blogging!!!

With this course we've been listening in to a 2 hour session on Thursday mornings (Wed night for the USA peop's) then that goes on to a shared time of about an hour, where we have been able to speak to women from all over the world sharing our inspirations and learnings from that particular weeks topic...  it has been truly life changing!

Since beginning this course..

I have joined in a co-creative partnership with a friend to create a website (she did most of the work on that...) called Luscious Lunches we hosted our very first Luscious Lunch on Friday 17th Sept.. with 29 guests!!!!  and launched a gorgeous meditation cd of a beautiful friend of mine Linda Ireland of Mountain Heart Meditations... which I did the cover for!  

 I have taken myself out for my birthday lunch... met the owner of the restaurant I chose to dine it... to find that she was ready for a change in the artwork in there... offered to show her some of my works that are available as prints... and two weeks later had organised them to be printed and stretched and they are now hanging in a prestigious gorgeous restaurant space on the Mooloolaba Esplanade, in Queenland, Australia....

Me, Linda and Nik 

just over a week after my artwork was hung in that restaurant...

also at that Lunch... I was able to speak and share the little story about taking myself out for lunch and then being invited to hang my artwork in there.... I was so thrilled about this experience.

Our Lunch was a fabulous success... and later that night I got a call from the staff at the restaurant to say one of my large prints had sold!

... you know... I 'm going to sign off for now... there are more things but I have to go back to a painting I'm working on...

bye for now,
love Denise xo


  1. denise... from smashed to pieces, to new pieces of you in the world. i celebrate the radiant creation swirling around you. enjoy, sparkle & twirl.

  2. wow--how exciting. your energy is contagious! I feel great after reading this. How amazingly cool about your artwork and how the restaurant gig came about--I love syncronicity. And, the cover of that CD is stunning. You are so talented! i'm sure this is just the beginning of many wonderful things to happen to you!

  3. Everything is going so well for you. I think your enthusiasm must be showing, and your positive attitude is what's bringing you good things. Congratulations.