Wednesday, May 4, 2011

.... no reading... listening...

can i just say... it's not working.... don't know if I can ever do such a thing...

but... I am much more aware of this need to read!

I am being selective, and I couldn't help it that my local library emailed me the very day after I began this 'challenge' to tell me my reservation of "This Is Not The Book You Think It Is" by Laura Munson was there waiting for me!

I read that book immediately, because I felt an instant connection to the writer and there is nothing like meeting a kindred spirit along the creative path, one with whom you feel connected simply by the sharing of your story... I am so grateful for people who share from their hearts... if you want to find out more ... visit Laura's website

I'm actually very busy creating a new website... from scratch.... I'm still not sure if I'm extremely clever or stupid to undertake such a task... but oh well.... I might also have to dive back into my Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae.... for some help on this.

bye for now fellow creative traveller,

Denise xo

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