Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recovering the Studio Flow... with Help!

Thursday January 12 ... 2012...

What a remarkable morning I've just had... I had the absolute blessing and gift of an amazing woman come and help me to create the shift I needed for my studio to become a place of energy flowing... we stirred up all the corners... shifted everything into zones.. and threw out some things... and shifted out anything that didn't belong... including... I'm quite flabbergasted to say... my chaise lounge!  It has two broken legs at the moment.. so it is in need of repair.. but aside from that... it was taking up too much valuable space... and I was firmly (with love) reminded that this is my WORK space.

Who? might you ask is the amazing woman of whom I speak?  Well her name is Lyn Moes... you can find her here... she has a Yoga studio with classes held in Buderim.  And she's also an artist..... hence the reason I was able to let her loose in my sacred studio space!  She's one who knows about these things.!!!

There is a whole lot of energy spinning around in my mind/heart/centre/body now after this... I am ever so grateful.

Here's a few before and after pics ... it wasn't a devastating mess before... but it definitely wasn't an efficient, HAPPENING place either.

  General mess... clutter and boxes of 'I don't know what to do with you stuff'
 more of same
 cleared ..... left is a table for dreaming, playing creating, diary and planning work.  Right at the end is a stack of canvas's ready for ME.
 Central line of easels... work end of the room
A shop!!!!  
For all the things that are finished... most of these are canvas prints.. it's time 
for them to move out my door, bring on the flow... ready for the new.

bye for now,

I've got more work to do.

love Denise xo


  1. Wow, wow, wow, how coooooool. Where is the Chaise now????? I just have to know. Your space looks amazing. Great job on asking for help.

  2. Well... it's out on the little balcony... it needs me to book it into the repair shop... then.... I don't know... maybe it will go in my room? gosh... it's weird to take it out... but I was doing more lying about than painting some times!!!

  3. It's a lovely feeling when it's tidy, but it's so easily undone :)
    I came via Milliande and your link from there is not working as there is no space between your blog address and your web address. It comes up as all one and is therefore not valid. Thought you'd like to know.

    Aaargh the dreaded Word Verification!