Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RAAK's .. random act of art kindness

I learned about RAAK's from Milliande Art Community for Women

you may rememeber an earlier post of my first RAAK's received in the mail... I was sooo excited by them.

now.. it's my turn... this is just one sgraffiti patterned one... that I took several fun pics of.. so I could keep a copy ... sometimes its hard to part with something you've made and quite like the look of. haha

I heard on a podcast recently ...
"We're here to Love the World Awake" 

 It is a little bit strange to share what is meant for someone else... but you know that idea of giving the gift you wish to receive yourself... well this way.. i get to post it digitally to myself to re-visit in a place where it's easy to find... :0)  and if by chance you're visiting here... you can receive this as a little 'random act of art kindness' for you too.

if you feel to . . .

this can be done out in public... secretly, as well.

bye for now,

love Denise xo

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. You are amazing and your contribution heals as you do. Sending you lots more sunshine, swirly chickens and flowing paint.