Friday, October 7, 2011

Gifts of ordinary days

I am thrilled to share about a lovely book I'm almost finished reading, it's called "The gift on an ordinary day" ~ A Mother's Memoir by Katrina Kenison

Anyone who knows me will automatically see a kindred spirit right there on the front cover, I LOVE tea, teacups and all things tea related. Not that this book features tea in a huge way but I've been enjoying reading it with my many cups.. either with toast in the morning or later in the days.

And... I also wanted to share the magic that is 2011 .... I read a piece in this book that moved me so much it brought tears to my eyes speaking of the love that can be shared when caring for a friend who is unwell. 
So, I wrote a little email note to Katrina last week telling her so, and this morning I received a response, how DELIGHTFUL is that, to reach out to an author who has touched my life... from the other side of the world... and to have her respond... is no ordinary thing to me... it's a beautiful blessing that's gifted me a smile and joy.

I'm doing some self care things today like giving myself a pedicure and painting my nails red... and I'm off to a music festival ... where on Sunday the band 'Icehouse' will be playing... my sister Min who died in 1997 was the one who introduced their music to me... so I'm thinking she'll be with me in spirit.

I've had a couple of not so easy years these last two gone by... so I'm so happy to sense a shift ... an arrival of what feels a whole lot like 'Spring' .... not only in the seasons here in Australia, but in my step and spirit as well.

I hope you have a little Spring in your day too no matter where in the world you happen to be.  If not.... have a cup of tea. 

Denise xo

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  1. a little bit of sparkle & some floaty twirls, miss D.