Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I received my first Random Acts of Art Kindness!!

Ohhh, the joy of it... I squeezed out every drop of excitement I could.

RAAK = Random Act of Art Kindness... 
I know this, only because of the fantastic Milliande Art Community for women  

On Thursday morning last week (11 Aug 11) I was on my way to the beach for a morning walk, (which is my favourite and best way of starting the day) and thought I might just check the new PO Box.

I was surprised and delighted to find two envelopes addressed to me!!!

I placed them lovingly on the passenger seat next to me... and proceeded to the beach with a feeling of such glee I felt like a little kid at Christmas time, they were like unwrapped presents with a secret waiting for me inside.

Even the beach was picture perfect

I left them til Sunday afternoon to open!!!  I was busy on Friday and Saturday and simply did not want to squeeze them into a 5 minute window.

Inside I was delighted to find 

from Ruth ... www.etsy.com/shop/InspireDailey  a gorgeous zen-gami crane and an explanation of the 'Thousand Crane Legend' to go with it, and a delighful delicately decorated design on Ruth's note card.

and from Emily a gorgeous hand made card with magical words in it and wishing me a Happy Birthday for later this month!!!  how special... and my very first received and seen Artist Trading Cards, Em said  to 'celebrate YOU!'  How extraordinary!!!!   

and LOOK AT that poem by Mary Oliver so lovingly and perfectly placed on the outside of this beautiful envelope, I wonder how many people in the postal service were blessed with the carriage of this letter, if they had a quick moment to read this verse.

Gratitude bubbles over with the receiving of these heart art gifts from two wonderful women across the other side of the world from me.



p.s.  I got so much joy from this... I even went so far as to create my very first 'vlog' and raved on in front of my web cam as I opened the envelopes... haha


  1. Your joyfulness in the receipt of my special hand designed crane- your first RAAK,made me smile all day - I love to design new templates and wait for them to be printed and then spend an evening folding my cranes and filling them with all good wishes for peace and joy. namaste Denise.

  2. Denise - what a nice tribute. I am now blessed again. I have learned, as Ruth also said, that making a RAAK gives me such a feeling of gratitude and joy, that I have always suspected the blessings were more for me than the recipient. But to hear of your getting these gifts and appreciating them so much also lifts me up right here and now!
    a double lift!
    mail art is awesome.
    journaling is awesome.
    gift giving is awesome.
    sharing freely with someone on the other side of the planet, and getting word back of their life and joy and day -- can you even believe we live in this time?
    of the million of years that human walked on this earth, we get to be in a time where we can connect and "talk" instantly with someone with such amazing like-mindedness across the miles.
    it is just so miraculous.