Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday...changing things about

Sometimes I've heard it's better to 'leave well enough alone' ... well I didn't take that advice, and have gone ahead and changed my header on the blog...

I wanted to make a distinction between the new blog I've made as part of my new website... it can be more about the artwork and things... but I wanted a place to just be quiet... or say whatevertheheck I like.

fragmented human being that I am... compartmentalising things sometimes helps... being someone who lives far too much in her head... over thinking ... is it any wonder I have 'header trouble' ... and being a perfectionist is annoys me greatly that the darn header is narrower than the body of this blog.

Yep... BIG deal ... it's not I know....I'm just blurting... because I've given myself permission to do that!

I used to move all the furniture around in my rental house years ago... to make it feel better... I wonder if it works for blogs too.

love Denise xo

1 comment:

  1. all shifts, big or small make the difference. love the softness of the header here. gorgeous.