Thursday, March 3, 2011

sadness.... and inner critic...and sea gulls

Today I felt plain old sad... a bunch of things happened in the morning to throw my time into a bit of chaos... so after I had done the things I needed to do for others, I took myself off to sit by the seashore to write my 'later in the morning' pages.

I felt agitated and knew that if I didn't stop and write it out first I would just continue to bring my agitation throughout the day and into my painting... which I really didn't want to do.  So while having a deep chat with myself, and hearing the sound of the crashing waves and the fresh salt air.. i had a bit of a funny thought... 

"Darling Denise... how about you take those awful inner critic comments, the ones that beat you up and make you feel like a hopeless artist and write them all down.. and put them on a little raft or boat of their own and send them out to sea where the sea gulls can shit on them!"

the visual idea of this gave me a smile on my face as I thought about what that would look like, having bird sh*t all over my pieces of paper with negative self talk on them... if that's not creative then what is I thought!! 

The day actually turned out much better than how it started... I have made progress on a painting, a friend called and I met her for a chai and one of my dear daugters is cooking dinner for us tonight.

Life is good really.

Denise xo
Woodford Folk Festival street friends, Dec 2010


  1. It's never a sad day when one has the love of family around. Remembering old friends....

  2. I'm so impressed with how you turned your sadness around. (I love the idea of shipping your inner critic off to sea... wonderful.)

    You've inspired me to dig out my old copy of The Artist's Way...


  3. What a wonderful way of turning chaos on it's head and sending it packing!

    Love those gulls and waves.



  4. those sea gulls are so very healing...
    did you do it, i hope so, because that would truly put all the sh*# at the bottom of the ocean (where it belongs).
    pick up a brush. love the photos. glad you took your camera.
    lots of love