Sunday, March 6, 2011

... Puppy Love...

We've got puppies... well dogs on our minds at our place, we're looking into fostering a little one which will then become part of our family when we adopt it.

This is a new painting I've been working on all last week ... and I actually took some snaps of it with my iphone along the way... and you can see how much it changed... I could have painted two paintings.. but instead there are half a dozen underneath the one!  

I quite liked this chair, but it looks too much like one of those 
egg shaped ones.. in which case her head would not be 
in that position... I did't quite figure that out early enough....


It'll go into the gallery soon... once it's completely finished and varnished.

bye for now,

love Denise xo



  1. both sweet & stylin'!!
    love that chair & shoes
    & of course the puppy! xo

  2. Looks amazing Denise!! Such a pleasure to see all your wonderful work! Lots of love, Jodie Switzerland :)

  3. Oh, Denise. I love them all, more than 2 paintings. am lovin the details in the fabrics. even the newest one "Flora Dress" the dress and the wall decor are gorgeous. sadly i won't be in melb 4 your exhibition. next time. am telling my vic friends to go.
    all the best & enjoy

  4. Thanks Rachel, I enjoy patterns very much... have been wanting to incorporate some different ones.... and it's happened finally!

    xo Jodie Switzerland :0)

    and thanks gorgeous Dana Sparkle, not this time... thanks for sharing with your Vic friends xo