Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recovering a Sense of Power

I'm up to week 3 of The Artists Way. . .  "Recovering a Sense of Power"

 So far I'm doing morning pages most days... sometimes at all different times of the day if I didn't quite make it for the 'morning'.  I listened to the tail end of a podcast Cheryl Richardson interviewing Julia Cameron and she really does strongly encourage first thing, stream of consciousness writing in the morning before doing anything else... well... I like to go for a beach walk first thing.. so aside from getting up at 5am... I can't quite see my way around this one.  

last week I painted a lot more than I have been able to for ages, so that's a bit of a shift.  

If you'd like to hear that interview, go to "Change Your Life with Cheryl Richardson".. in itunes.  When I've got time I'll find the link... 

I love what Julia says about anger : "Sloth, apathy, and despair are the enemy. Anger is not. Anger is our friend. Not a nice friend. Not a gentle friend. But a very, very loyal friend. It will alwyas tell us when we have been betrayed. It will always tell us when we have betrayed ourselves. It will always tell us that it is time to act in our own best interests.
Anger is not the action itself. It is action's invitation." p. 62

A significant part of me has been dancing with the enemy for a bit too long (sloth, apathy and despair) it's time to harness that anger and get the hell on with it!

I'm off to see "Hereafter" , the movie with Matt Damon as a psychic, I laughed when I heard him interviewed recently and he said there are more psychics per capita in LA than anywhere else in the world, .... probably joking, but yeah. 
..... I thought the movie was 'ok' nothing, nothing like I'd expected, a bit slow in parts and quite sad.  Would totally be ok to wait for dvd in my opinion. 

bye for now,

love Denise x


  1. how fabulous it is to find you & your fab blog & i love all these gorgeous women you illustrate & i too love the artist's way & i see beautiful sark stuff here too/i'm dream boogie-ing currently! sending you the beeeest to your morning pages & power! xo

  2. Rachel!
    It's so nice of you to say so, I popped over to your blog for a quick squiz and i love your work too!!! Dream Boogie'ing hey... woo hoo, I loved doing that little course last year.

    How wonderful for kindred spirits to be able to meet across the world,
    how did you find my blog?

    keep in touch if you feel like it,

    love Denise xo