Sunday, February 13, 2011

clean...clear....spaciousness... not

I'm currently endeavouring to find some sense of order and clarity... so I think to be in a well organised space will be so helpful...

Maybe if I speak it out loud... I know I've told the Universe... and actually.. while I think of that I send out a prayer... I NEEEED HELP.... no, not physical help really... but that elusive inner strength and get-up-and-go stuff that makes wonders happen.

Contemplation Corner
(those are some canvas prints hanging behind)

Contemplation Corner with groovy hipstamatic app :0)

I've bravely shown you the BEST first haha... so below it's not quite so 'acceptable' but there you go.

Chaos ...

and more chaos!

I am reminded of Oprah shows with the groovy Aussie guy with the blue glasses, if he were to look into this room right now what would he say (haha, he wrote a book called "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?") Well, to that I'd but it does 'p' me off!

I've been working on the first week of Julia Cameron's book... 'The Artist's Way" and am uncovering some of the creative monsters that lurk in my memories and subconcious.

So ... I guess I better get back to it.. hopefully I'll bounce back on here very soon and show you the rest of the completed lovely space... what next.... a clean clear desk space is always nice.

love Denise xo


  1. i love the calm corner, but can see lots of gorgeous goodies in those piles of canvases and easels. I am just in awe that you have a lovely little art space, which one day i hope to visit. you go girl. i believe in you and your process. you will get there. you are on your way.
    strength of heart

  2. I saw the first picture and immediately thought, ""I love her art." I'll send you some positive space vibes. I totally understand how you feel and am living it too!

  3. thanks gorgeous fellow flyers... 'in art we trust' haha

    it's a bit better... now just to DO ...

    happy days xo